Welcome to Sunrise Eggs online!

After over 42 years in the industry family owned Sunrise Poultry Farms Ltd (Sunrise Eggs) has become a well established producer and packer of Free Range and Colony eggs. The Sunrise policy of continued reinvestment in production and packing facilities ensures that the business is compliant with the needs of the modern food industry and is able to compete for all types of business.

With our own fleet of vehicles and our central location here in Leicestershire we are able to serve all areas of the UK. Our customers include major retailers, independents, foodservice wholesalers, institutions and smaller caterers. 

Our company owned Free Range farms have been increased and extended in recent years. They have also had their range areas enriched with a major tree planting and bio-diversity scheme to provide improved cover, vegetation and wildlife on the range.
This increase in Free Range egg availability ties in with our broadening sales portfolio and the steadily increasing consumption of Free Range eggs.
We also have a number of the new Enriched Colony system production units in conformance with the EU Welfare of Laying Hens Directive.
All of our eggs are BEIC (Lion), Freedom Food and OF&G approved where applicable.